Industrial Schools in Ireland

The world is discovering about the appalling crimes the Vatican has committed and covered-up. In Ireland the Catholic religious order, Christian brothers, would encarcerate young boys in industrial schools were they abused, starved and many worked to death, literally. There are graveyards next to these schools and the government did not mention these in the recent released Ryan report. The graveyards are of young boys aged 7-9.

ITCCS update: the Mohawks in the excavation of mass graves at First Residential School

Historic Press Conference in Savona, Italy May 23 disclosing Catholic Church global crimes

Wednesday 22 May 2013

SAVONA, ITALY --- Two of the world's bravest whistleblowers, who for over 20 years have been denouncing crimes committed by the Catholic Church, unite forces in a historic and powerful press conference to be hosted on May 23 in Italy specifically, as it hosts the world headquarters of the global organization known as the Catholic Church: home to the cave of criminals better described as the Vatican mafia. Kevin Annett and Francesco Zanardi will be making history on Thursday May 23 by presenting irrefutable evidence of the child trafficking, assassinations, abuse and other crimes committed by the Catholic Church around the world. Kevin Annett of ITCCS, who has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize Award for his relentless work exposing the genocide committed by Church and State in Canada and abroad, along with Francesco Zanardi of Rete L'Abuso notorious for his historic Hunger Strike at the Vatican denouncing clergy abuse in Italy, will come together to present evidence they have been gathering during many years of investigation. Do not miss the opportunity to see evidence of the crimes against humanity committed by priests and nuns around the globe, by using their false appearance of "mercy" and so-called "helping the poor" motto to deceive the masses. 
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We present the shocking statistics of money that the Catholic Church receives, this list denotes money only from Italy.
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Evidence showing corrupt money that bleeds the people and is used to cover up pedophile priests, crimes against humanity. ITALIANO INGLES PORTUGUES ESPANOL

Documentary: "UNSEEN TEARS" - Abuse by Church & State at Religious Boarding Schools

Vatican & Government: Partners in Crime

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